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Private Organ Lessons

The King of Instruments

Guided, creative learning for everyone

Organ lessons seem like a pipe dream (pun intended) for most people. The obvious reason - it is a HUGE instrument and looks intimidating to play. Honestly, though, pipe organs are pretty cool, and people should consider it. You can make it play different sounds, and you can play it with your feet. Basically, it is a big box of whistles. Those whistles are pipes made of different materials and range from sizes smaller than your pinky to 32 feet tall. Each instrument is different and contains hundreds and sometimes thousands of pipes that you control with keyboards, buttons, and knobs. Although quite a bit different than a piano, a piano background does help immensely in learning to play the pipe organ. The good news is, though, Encore can help you there. We can make you an organist yet! Are organ lessons complicated? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson!

Organ Lessons
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