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My daughter has been a voice student of Brian's for the last three years. I am so thankful that my daughter has had the opportunity to learn from him! Brian is a gifted musician and an excellent teacher. He is great at selecting music that fits my daughter's style and that is interesting to her, yet is challenging and will help her grow. With each year, she becomes more skilled, poised, and confident. I also appreciate his style of teaching. He encourages my child to work hard and constantly improve, but he also makes each lesson time fun. My daughter truly seems to have a good time at her lessons. Brian is respectful and compassionate toward his students, and consistently encourages them to be their best. We have had a very positive experience with Encore Music Studios. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking private lessons!

Susan Laliberte, Parent

I decided to take music lessons last summer at Encore Music Studios. My original thought was to buy a summer package of ‘sampler lessons’ for my grandkids but they declined. Then I realized I was living vicariously and being recently retired, I thought I had time to take lessons for myself. My ah-hah moment!  After two lessons with Brian I knew it would be a good fit for me. He is talented and has a great sense of humor. As I said, I’m retired so I am ‘older’. Brian is not patronizing . He has built on my previous childhood experiences and been very encouraging. I got more than I bargained for as he is no push over and expects me to practice and ‘think’. I appreciate that. Did I mention the completely optional holiday recital was nerve racking but exhilarating and I look forward to our spring concert. One last thing, Brian is very flexible and is open to schedule changes when needed. Still making music in Duluth!

Therese Presley, piano student

If you are new to the piano, haven't played for many years, or are seeking excellence in your skills, Encore Music Studios will fit you well. Brian Kapp is a gifted pianist whom I admire. I hope to someday play as comfortably and skillfully as he does. He also has a rare gift: the ability as a teacher, in an uncritical manner, to determine exactly what is needed from a student each week to improve their performance from week to week. My only regret is that I took so long to start my lessons with him!

Gina LaFond, piano student

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